Kyklos Tekkon

Chapter 14
Memories All alone in the moonlight

We awoke in a realm of memories. It was scary really, there was fire everywhere in front of us around some sort of crazy pillar. Then there was a door that led down into a fire-filled dungeon. WE were able to bypass the fire by collecting the auras of three separate golem like creatures. When we passed the walls of fire we entered a long corridor with sarcophagi on the sides.
Soon we came upon a book, and with it a stone Nav. It was sitting on a pedestal about 15 ft tall, so none of us could read it on our own. Thankfully robo-pup is quite large. Anyway, we fought the Nav, and the book said something about 1 god and the source of all magic.
Then we came upon another book, and it said that god had left this world and the source of magic behind. Then we fought two more of the stone nav creatures.

Chapter 13
Who dis?

Entry 1 in The Journal Of Daophan Tanar after starting journeying with these interesting people:

I figured since I was going to start a new journey outside of school, I might as well start keeping a journal. We just recently returned from Barovia, and had to find a way to save Zimwick’s supposedly “hot” mom from micronization. For whatever reason, the party had not yet asked Allmeyer, who was with them the whole time. Anyway, he told us that he needed a day to prepare. So we started walking around. I went looking for my brother, but he was ALREADY GONE ON AN ADVENTURE OF HIS OWN!!!! Damn him, always one step ahead.
Anyway, we went to meet someone that Khorein once knew, and he brought up an interesting fact that many warlock patrons require service to Arklow. Strange.

Day 2:

Today we set off in the bitter cold and gale force winds. I was so excited to start our adventure though that I spent some of the day on the roof of the carriage anyway. It was quite bracing! Around evening we found a small abandoned inn and decided to camp out inside of it. When the morning came, Nathan picked up a poltergeist!

Day 3:
We started out again, with GALE FORCE WINDS, AGAIN! At least it was warmer today. Other than that it was a pretty boring day. We bedded down around dusk in the city of Venwill. In this city, I managed to haggle for 10 meals worth of food.

Day 4:
Today we made it the Crystal Capital after a very boring day of travel. Then we started saving Marcia.

Game 10
Evil lurks

We walked for days through several Ash Storms. Finally we arrived at the crystal capital, and Marcia was rushed away for care. While we waited, Zimwick and Tenoch went into the throne room. I waited outside the room. Too many places for evil to hide inside the throne room. Finally Ai returned, and when he did he sat on the throne. Soon, he took off his hat of disguise and revealed himself as the King of the Nav. He then gave us a Relic of Blur and told us that he was the high priest as well as king, which is how he knew Marcia.
The king was willing to give us food, but for some reason would not give us a place to stay, instead sending us out on our own to find a place to stay. We left on the gondola, and the gondolier told us to go to The Nifty Leopard pub/inn. We got lost, and then accosted by constables. They found a blood emerald in Zimwick’s pack, and then tried to arrest us. Then we ran away. Then Zimwick wanted us to talk this Finbar person.
Zimwick explained that he knew this Finbar person because he made a weapon for him, which this Finbar person used to commit atrocities. Now Zimwick wants us to talk to this man for some reason. I do not understand.

Game 9

When we came to, we were on a beach of ash. The ship was wrecked and gone, but we had all survived, even Marcia Proba, though she was still unconcious. Then an ash storm rose up around us, and we were forced to seek shelter. I thought I could lead us, but we got lost. Ever took over though, and led us safely and quickly to the wall of the city. From there we found a crack and entered. Soon we came upon a home. I investigated inside and then summoned in my friends. There was a family of stone, but Ever was able to communicate with the father. He asked us to free them, and to save his child. We weren’t sure what that meant, but Tenoch immediately began attacking the statues. Zimwick and I stepped between him and the child, though, in an attempt to prevent at least her statue from being destroyed. As we continued, Ever spoke with the child and discovered that we needed to save her parents to save her. Then Tenoch spoke up and saved the child by telling her she needed to move on to be with her mother.
Once we had finished that, Tenoch turned around and we all noticed a skeleton. He said his name was Mictlantecuhtli, and we had a nice conversation.
As the night passed, he awoke me, and began to teach me! It is always amazing to learn something new! He taught me The Long Nutcracker!
The next morning we began our journey to the City of Angles. Along the way we encountered a spiral staircase leading to a door in the air. We tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. Then Khorein helped us by trying to get us merged into the door. While we were merged, Ever tried to open the door as well and tried to identify it. When it didn’t work, we came out. At that point Micky pointed out a spellcaster on some rocks and said that he was problem. Then that spellcaster summoned a bunch undead to fight us. After a short time of fighting them, the spellcaster launched a black hole at us. When Ever stood up from that down, he shot the spellcaster’s book and it exploded. IT WAS AMAZING! The spellbook exploded into a black hole and crushed the caster out of existence. Then we continued walking

Game 8

We awoke to some dick who wouldn’t tell us his name. He did however tell us that they were using something called “Micronization”(?) to attempt to extract relics from people (Marcia Proba currently, and that the tower is collapsing.
Ever picked up Asura’s pipe, and used it help us activate the teleporter. He didn’t seem certain about where it would take us, but we supposed that anywhere was better than collapsing with the tower.
As we left the teleporter, which seemed to melt us down and then reform us we found knights fighting sunguard all over the place. Ai and Django came riding by on Sand Mammoths, and we all hopped on. Ever needed a bit of help, but luckily Zimwick had a rope of climbing and saved him! Ai was excited, and talking about LIBERATION DAY!
We rode our Sand Mammoths to the port, where we needed to steal a ship to save Marcia Proba. We decided that we needed to steal a giant boat that was docked. After kidnapping a man out of a window and onto a roof, he told us that we would need something to break through the sea gate out there. Then we noticed the boat had a massive cannon. Then we were told that the boat’s crew was in the building below us. So we embarked upon a mission to save the crew. We quickly untied the crew and then fought our way onto the boat. The captain’s name was Thran, and he said he was indebted to us.
As we embarked towards the shrine of Bunus, we blew the sea gate to smithereens and continue onward. The next day we arrived off the coast by the Shrine of Bunus.
We opened the doors to the Shrine (solid gold, I did that) and saw no one inside. We proceeded to the back and opened a door there. Then we came upon the body of Marcia Proba. She wasn’t dead, but Ai said that we needed get her to someone who could help in the City of Angels. As we left the temple, we noticed the Mana Relic in the mouth of the Statue of Bunus.
As we were sailing, the solar eclipse came upon us like a fiery comet. When it was very close, we all passed out and then awoke washed up on a shore unknown. Django died on a rope bridge to a man with a flaming axe. Then we began to fight our way through the sun guard and forward.
As we advanced, we discovered that Ever has some weird powers. He spoke to a dead man, and then took some of Nathan’s pain. Then we all died a terrible death to some awful villains who reminded me a bit of Ever. Then we woke up.

Game 7.5 (Fleeting Memories)

The party awoke.

The tower.

Vaulting desks.

Blades of alchemy.


Twin guns.

The code.

The experiments.

The biodome.

A jabbering garbler.


An explosion.


Alchemical Mayhem.


Game 7
Can you make a desert worse?

We began this day by escaping on the chains of Olopin. Then we followed AI as he started to lead us to the desert. The ground outside the city was covered in a thick fog, which rose to our chest and grew deeper as we traveled. Everywhere looked there was fog.
It turns out that the fog was showing us into the Spirit Plain, the site of a great battle which the spirits inside do not know is over. Many figures still fought in the fog, though we could not interact with the spirits. Towards evening, it began to get very hot. We were then entering the Morlea Desert.
The next day we were faced with extreme heat and a huge Sandstorm. Abjorackman though was very confident in our direction. We marched all day that day until the evening. As we reached a certain point we realized we were surrounded by deep rivulets in the sand. We stopped to examine them and noticed also the spires marking our path and the debris of other travelers nearby. Something in the air shifted and we knew that something was happening. We watched as a herd of VERY BIG lizards rushed past us attempting to escape the sandstorm. It was in fact a stampede. A stampede away from sand lions and one unnatural sand lion-ish creature. We then preceded to destroy the lions, with Khorein tolling the dead to deliver the final blow. When the unnatural lion disintegrated, we watched as a normal sand lion chased some lizards away into the rest of the desert.
The next morning we met a man at our campfire, and then we wrestled him out of a circle. He gave me a crystal, which I promptly let Zimwick identify. It was the Relic of Charger.
After that we started to enter the forest. Ai told us that he believes the group that killed his people might be known as the Sun Guard. In the forest is where Ai believes their camp to be. He thinks that we must strike back.
As we were walking through the forest we heard a woman’s scream. We sneaked forward and discovered that there was a woman surrounded by some strange horrific creatures attacking the woman with scimitars. Ever shot one, and Khorein and I ran forward to fight them face to face. Eventually we saved the girl and then she led us to a large building filled with her friends.
Once there, Ai introduced us to his friends, the Gatekeepers. They announced a plan to attack a tower the next day, and then we slept in preparation.

Game 6

We decided to rest after almost dying, rest right there in the dungeon. Our rest was much needed and well received. When we awoke, Nathan Rex was still passed out from the use of that much Aterionic energy. We walked for a while and found Ai, who was appreciative of my new outfit, the faceless outfit we found inside. My bowler hat was especially nice.
Ai told us that the city of Olopin was viewing the forest fire as a sign of aggression, and had thus closed the city. This meant that we could not get back to Olopin via the bridges. We then had the idea that perhaps we could use the Morlea Mines to either get back across the chasm or at least back into the city. Khorein felt confident that we could at least make it into the city.
Tenoch voted that we should at least attempt to convince them to allow us across the bridges. However, Khorein informed us that when the city closes, they simply drop the bridges. Thus we decided we had to enter the mines.
When we entered the mines, we noticed that it was not well-kept. Nor was there anything to stop us from entering. Altogether I would rate this mine very poorly. Also, the atmosphere felt wet, damp.
We met some hunters who called themselves Grim. We chatted for a bit, as they were waiting for the gates of Olopin to open as well. It was cordial until I mentioned Tenoch, and then they got mad. Apparently Tenoch used to be a member of the Grim, but he ran away after a hunt that killed his friends. They said that they were going to take him, and we said no. We agreed not to kill anyone though, on both sides, and thus we had a nice brawl. I like these guys. Ever summoned a badger and almost killed a man, but Ai saved him from the badger. For a second I thought we might have an actual problem, but it was ok.
It was a great fight, though part of it was spent swinging blindly in a smoke cloud. Finally we won and then we moved on.
Then we wound up riding a scary mine cart across the edge of the chasm, and everyone wanted to go fast. I told them we should go slow, but they never listen to me. We smashed some bees, but going fast meant that we approached the city too fast. When we tried to slow down, the lever broke. Luckily Khorein was able to mend it, but Django wasn’t surefooted enough and smashed his face into the front of the cart from the sudden stop.

Immediately after leaving the cart station, we noticed that the city was under attack by the ninja people we had seen before. There was a man sniping from a roof, but he turned out to be an ally, Donatello Abjurockman. He gave Ever a gun. I slept through a large portion of this, but awoke once or twice long enough to use the Chaos Spear which summoned a portal which poured forth lava. Our new plan is to trek across the desert to the NorthEast corner. Donatello is coming with us.

Game 5
The fungus among us

Some of you may have read my last entry. In that entry, I wrote that Ai cast tidal wave. This was apparently not the case, though we all remembered it was so for a short while. Instead, the fire burned away unchecked in the forest while we all managed to escape.
Ai said that we must strike back against the people who did this to his organization, which he seems to know. He led us to a mountain, on which we saw a large carved stone face. Khorein told us that it might be a protective sign carved by a nearby settlement. The stone face did not have any distinguishing features, not even having eyes. Ai told us that this was a trial we must face alone, and then stopped.
When we reached the stone face, the mouth opened and we walked in. Ever Calm carried a torch that burned continually now, created for him by Khorein. Other than the torch though it was very dark. I am growing tired of not being able to see in the dark. In an early room, there was a pitcher plant and a basin. We gave water to the plant, and it produced a sweet fragrance, and a clear syrupy liquid. We captured the liquid in the now-empty waterskin. We then came upon some red vines blocking a doorway and a clean sarcophagus.
Suddenly Nathan was attacked by a vine that had wrapped around his leg, and then Ever was puffed upon by a mushroom.
Soon we passed a bigger mushroom-man thing. It was fine with Ever and I, but attacked Tenoch. Then we had to kill several of them. Eventually we came to a room with a giant gas cloud. After that we entered a room with a large statue of Folus.
Something is wrong with Ever. Twice today he made very strange statements. The first was telling me that it was “Not yet my time”. The second was that “Correcting your mistakes is the first step to our salvation”.
At the end of the dungeon we came upon a room with scary mouthed mushrooms, and four pitcher plants. Ever was smart enough to have us uproot the pitcher plants, which relieved the room of the black spores which were floating around empowering the destructive and twisted mushrooms. Once the spores were gone, we felt a weight lifted from our souls.
SUDDENLY, a huge water elemental rose from the well. On a whim, Zimwick threw the druid frog at the elemental. Then, we activated the Spear of Anord, which maximized ALL ROLLS RELATED TO MAGIC!!!!!!!!! Khorein blasted the elemental, then Nathan BLASTED IT EVEN HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of us passed out after his spell from the sheer force and breadth of his damage. Then he woke us up and the elemental was gone.

Game 4

We began our time after Never Swim Here Beach by continuing north. The lands began to become less swampy. Finally, around Midnight, we were able to sleep.
As we began to set up camp, a man came down along the road opposite us. He was a gentle looking fellow, with soft blonde hair and a regal bearing. He questioned my hearing and tried to tell me that the gods were dead. We as a party had a good laugh at that as we had already met Anord. He invited us to the Shrine of Leofsiege. Zimwick was being a whiny child for most of the conversation, but he quieted down once we began to eat. Khorein cooked us a DELICIOUSSS meal, which left us feeling perfectly drowsy and allowed us to awaken in excellent health!
We met a merchant on the road who appeared to be coming from Olopin. Tenoch bought a leather cap, and Ever bought a waterskin. The man tried to sell me a waterskin as well, but the price was too high. Zimwick and I did not like the man, who called himself Aidan.
Eventually we came to Olopin, which is a terrifying place suspended high above a chasm. It was a strange place. We did some good work when we first arrived, curing people of their addictions. Then Ai said we must find shelter for the night in the artist’s district, which smelled of alcohol and paint. Ai said that he could not find the individual he was trying to meet with.
That night we stayed at a rather normal inn, and ate vegetarian fare. It was alright, but overall not very filling. We awoke far less happy than when we ate Khorein’s delicious food. The next morning we headed out to try and find Ai’s contacts. At dusk we stumbled into a dark forest. In the forest, we came across a building. Inside the building there were many dead, cut to pieces. Khorein and I found a scroll with an Aterionic glyph for gold. Unfortunately he could not remember what that glyph specifically might mean.
Ever searched in a chest, and found the Defense Relic.
Then the bodies all about the place rose up and tried to kill us. They nearly succeeded. If not for Zimwick, I would not have made it, and perhaps none of us would. He valiantly stepped into a hoard of zombies to save me, lighting them on fire and pushing me out of harm’s way. Then we ran out of the building and it almost exploded, at which point Ai cast tidal wave.


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