Kyklos Tekkon

Game 2
Gods and Men

We were NOT gifted a map from the mountains. Very much NOT given a map. Tenoch however has something of a mental map of this area as he is from around here.
We emerged into sunlight, and this made me feel a lot better. The morning was cool, foggy, and with a nice breeze. The holy shrine lay ahead of us, but we had to make a choice. Should we take the faster route directly through the swamplands, or north to the road? I voted for the road. This decision was seen to be correct, and we began to head to the road.
Once we reached the road, Tenoch directed us north. As we walked along the road, we discovered a gang of hooligans harassing a few priests. We could not stand for this, and thus we intervened!
The gang of bandits was quite a bit stronger than we suspected. Our prevailing over them was not assured. In the end though, we prevailed heartily. We made two new friends, Jengo an assassin and Ai, a priest.
On the second day, we came upon an amazing tree, and found a small nondescript magical black book. I believe the priest can read the book, but he will not tell us what it says. I do not trust the priest. No one else knew how to read the book, sadly.
On the third day, we came upon a side path, and everyone agreed to follow it! There were 3 skeletons swinging wildly from a tree.
On the fourth day, we encountered a stone bear. Tenoch challenged the bear to a duel, and it worked! The stone bear came alive and they began to fight a duel! The bear was a druid, and after it was beaten a little bit it ran away. If you recall from the first time I wrote, we found a stone frog, which now resides in a bag of holding with Zimwick. I believe this means that we have a druid in the shape of a stone frog stuck in an other-dimensional space.
Also on the fifth day we came upon the shrine of Bunus, a large pristine white shrine. Tended by Radolph. He made me feel guilty for something I’ve never really felt guilty about and forced me to make a donation to the church. He compelled me to treat him as a friend, but that compulsion eventually fell off.
Finally we left as we could not help Marcia. She came to us in a dream and told us to go north. She called us cursed ones.
Before we left, I tried to use the Spear of Anord to do something about the awful impostor Radolph, but instead I just turned every piece of bronze within one mile into pure Gold. The doors of the shrine are now pure gold.

Game 1
Fair in Flames

Awoke to screaming and burning and cannonball spiders and evil knights killing innocent people. There were four of us there, myself (Oradhi), Tenoch (Alex), Zimwick (Chase), and Ever Calm (Ryan, possible villain). After fighting our way out of the fair, we made our way through the forest to some cabin that Ever knew about, a place he says he grew up. He has no recollection of his family or any other people really. He frightens and disturbs me, but the others seem to accept him. This cabin and the surround forest produce seemingly endless supplies of food, farm goods as well as purely natural.

After we left Ever’s Hut, we headed due west to meet the High Priestess of Bunus, Marcia Proba. We passed a beautiful arch to nowhere and found a petrified frog. The frog is now being carried by Zimwick. Next we came to a cave, in which we quickly found a tap that gave forth alcoholic liquid. There were also zombies in this cave who used to be miners.

Things started to get really trippy in the caves. I was compelled to dance. I think Tenoch though everyone was really big. There were mushrooms and Zimwick took a sample of some moss. I still have this black mushroom. Ever Calm felt like he was melting. There were also zombies in the cave. Lots of zombies, and zombie parts.

We found a god beast of awfulness in a sanctuary that appeared to be dedicated to Anord in the mines. We managed to take the Prism relic and the spear of Anord out of the mines and escape with our lives! This was a great day and thank goodness we didn’t die to the eldritch horror.

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