Kyklos Tekkon

Chapter 13

Who dis?

Entry 1 in The Journal Of Daophan Tanar after starting journeying with these interesting people:

I figured since I was going to start a new journey outside of school, I might as well start keeping a journal. We just recently returned from Barovia, and had to find a way to save Zimwick’s supposedly “hot” mom from micronization. For whatever reason, the party had not yet asked Allmeyer, who was with them the whole time. Anyway, he told us that he needed a day to prepare. So we started walking around. I went looking for my brother, but he was ALREADY GONE ON AN ADVENTURE OF HIS OWN!!!! Damn him, always one step ahead.
Anyway, we went to meet someone that Khorein once knew, and he brought up an interesting fact that many warlock patrons require service to Arklow. Strange.

Day 2:

Today we set off in the bitter cold and gale force winds. I was so excited to start our adventure though that I spent some of the day on the roof of the carriage anyway. It was quite bracing! Around evening we found a small abandoned inn and decided to camp out inside of it. When the morning came, Nathan picked up a poltergeist!

Day 3:
We started out again, with GALE FORCE WINDS, AGAIN! At least it was warmer today. Other than that it was a pretty boring day. We bedded down around dusk in the city of Venwill. In this city, I managed to haggle for 10 meals worth of food.

Day 4:
Today we made it the Crystal Capital after a very boring day of travel. Then we started saving Marcia.


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