Kyklos Tekkon

Game 9

When we came to, we were on a beach of ash. The ship was wrecked and gone, but we had all survived, even Marcia Proba, though she was still unconcious. Then an ash storm rose up around us, and we were forced to seek shelter. I thought I could lead us, but we got lost. Ever took over though, and led us safely and quickly to the wall of the city. From there we found a crack and entered. Soon we came upon a home. I investigated inside and then summoned in my friends. There was a family of stone, but Ever was able to communicate with the father. He asked us to free them, and to save his child. We weren’t sure what that meant, but Tenoch immediately began attacking the statues. Zimwick and I stepped between him and the child, though, in an attempt to prevent at least her statue from being destroyed. As we continued, Ever spoke with the child and discovered that we needed to save her parents to save her. Then Tenoch spoke up and saved the child by telling her she needed to move on to be with her mother.
Once we had finished that, Tenoch turned around and we all noticed a skeleton. He said his name was Mictlantecuhtli, and we had a nice conversation.
As the night passed, he awoke me, and began to teach me! It is always amazing to learn something new! He taught me The Long Nutcracker!
The next morning we began our journey to the City of Angles. Along the way we encountered a spiral staircase leading to a door in the air. We tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. Then Khorein helped us by trying to get us merged into the door. While we were merged, Ever tried to open the door as well and tried to identify it. When it didn’t work, we came out. At that point Micky pointed out a spellcaster on some rocks and said that he was problem. Then that spellcaster summoned a bunch undead to fight us. After a short time of fighting them, the spellcaster launched a black hole at us. When Ever stood up from that down, he shot the spellcaster’s book and it exploded. IT WAS AMAZING! The spellbook exploded into a black hole and crushed the caster out of existence. Then we continued walking


rjquarles EtherLord

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