Kyklos Tekkon

Game 5

The fungus among us

Some of you may have read my last entry. In that entry, I wrote that Ai cast tidal wave. This was apparently not the case, though we all remembered it was so for a short while. Instead, the fire burned away unchecked in the forest while we all managed to escape.
Ai said that we must strike back against the people who did this to his organization, which he seems to know. He led us to a mountain, on which we saw a large carved stone face. Khorein told us that it might be a protective sign carved by a nearby settlement. The stone face did not have any distinguishing features, not even having eyes. Ai told us that this was a trial we must face alone, and then stopped.
When we reached the stone face, the mouth opened and we walked in. Ever Calm carried a torch that burned continually now, created for him by Khorein. Other than the torch though it was very dark. I am growing tired of not being able to see in the dark. In an early room, there was a pitcher plant and a basin. We gave water to the plant, and it produced a sweet fragrance, and a clear syrupy liquid. We captured the liquid in the now-empty waterskin. We then came upon some red vines blocking a doorway and a clean sarcophagus.
Suddenly Nathan was attacked by a vine that had wrapped around his leg, and then Ever was puffed upon by a mushroom.
Soon we passed a bigger mushroom-man thing. It was fine with Ever and I, but attacked Tenoch. Then we had to kill several of them. Eventually we came to a room with a giant gas cloud. After that we entered a room with a large statue of Folus.
Something is wrong with Ever. Twice today he made very strange statements. The first was telling me that it was “Not yet my time”. The second was that “Correcting your mistakes is the first step to our salvation”.
At the end of the dungeon we came upon a room with scary mouthed mushrooms, and four pitcher plants. Ever was smart enough to have us uproot the pitcher plants, which relieved the room of the black spores which were floating around empowering the destructive and twisted mushrooms. Once the spores were gone, we felt a weight lifted from our souls.
SUDDENLY, a huge water elemental rose from the well. On a whim, Zimwick threw the druid frog at the elemental. Then, we activated the Spear of Anord, which maximized ALL ROLLS RELATED TO MAGIC!!!!!!!!! Khorein blasted the elemental, then Nathan BLASTED IT EVEN HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of us passed out after his spell from the sheer force and breadth of his damage. Then he woke us up and the elemental was gone.


rjquarles EtherLord

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