Kyklos Tekkon

Game 4

We began our time after Never Swim Here Beach by continuing north. The lands began to become less swampy. Finally, around Midnight, we were able to sleep.
As we began to set up camp, a man came down along the road opposite us. He was a gentle looking fellow, with soft blonde hair and a regal bearing. He questioned my hearing and tried to tell me that the gods were dead. We as a party had a good laugh at that as we had already met Anord. He invited us to the Shrine of Leofsiege. Zimwick was being a whiny child for most of the conversation, but he quieted down once we began to eat. Khorein cooked us a DELICIOUSSS meal, which left us feeling perfectly drowsy and allowed us to awaken in excellent health!
We met a merchant on the road who appeared to be coming from Olopin. Tenoch bought a leather cap, and Ever bought a waterskin. The man tried to sell me a waterskin as well, but the price was too high. Zimwick and I did not like the man, who called himself Aidan.
Eventually we came to Olopin, which is a terrifying place suspended high above a chasm. It was a strange place. We did some good work when we first arrived, curing people of their addictions. Then Ai said we must find shelter for the night in the artist’s district, which smelled of alcohol and paint. Ai said that he could not find the individual he was trying to meet with.
That night we stayed at a rather normal inn, and ate vegetarian fare. It was alright, but overall not very filling. We awoke far less happy than when we ate Khorein’s delicious food. The next morning we headed out to try and find Ai’s contacts. At dusk we stumbled into a dark forest. In the forest, we came across a building. Inside the building there were many dead, cut to pieces. Khorein and I found a scroll with an Aterionic glyph for gold. Unfortunately he could not remember what that glyph specifically might mean.
Ever searched in a chest, and found the Defense Relic.
Then the bodies all about the place rose up and tried to kill us. They nearly succeeded. If not for Zimwick, I would not have made it, and perhaps none of us would. He valiantly stepped into a hoard of zombies to save me, lighting them on fire and pushing me out of harm’s way. Then we ran out of the building and it almost exploded, at which point Ai cast tidal wave.


rjquarles EtherLord

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